• Policy on Migrant Labour

    Our policies on migrant labour will be consistent with the existing ILO conventions related to this issue. In this regard, we propose the following-


    -          The immediate establishment of a tripartite authority to monitor and regulate migrant labour.

    -          Reform of the system of work permits to ensure that jobs that can be performed by nationals are not being allocated to non-nationals, especially in the current economic crisis where unemployment is increasing; and the transfer of skills and knowledge to nationals in cases where non-nationals are employed. Furthermore, there will be trade union representation on the Works Permits Committee.

    -          Human trafficking is a major issue related to migrant labour and steps will be taken to ensure that the legislation is effectively implemented to protect those affected by this.

    -          With respect to regional migrant labour- the provisions of the Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) for the free movement of labour across the region will be fully implemented.

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