• Organization

    What kind of Party? 

    The MSJ must be a broad-based, truly democratic party, open to all persons who accept our Objects

    Our Vision 

    Together we broaden our political movement and so empowered, shape a better life for all of us now and in the future

    Our Mission 

    With integrity and credibility, we listen and work with you, so together we will transform Trinidad and Tobago.
    We will ensure that every voice and contribution is heard and respected; that everyone is treated fairly and justly, and that our economic system benefits all.
    Our commitment to you is that we will all live in peace, and in harmony with our environment

    Code of Ethics:

    In pursuance of the Vision and Mission of the MSJ, we the members do hereby commit ourselves to the highest ethical and professional conduct. Our Code of Ethics has some ten (10) points of commitment.

    Our Objects

    1. To unite the people of Trinidad and Tobago across lines of division such as, but not limited to: age, gender, race, religion, trade union affiliation, occupation and geography to usher in a new democracy in the affairs of the country;
    2. To establish an economic system, a social order and a system of governance consistent with the national interest and sovereignty of Trinidad and Tobago;
    3. To promote and defend participatory democracy and the democratic institutions of the people;
    4. To eliminate all forms of foreign domination and discrimination in or society and to achieve genuine Independence for Trinidad and Tobago in all spheres, economic, political, social and cultural;
    5. To promote and secure the interests, well being and development of the people of Trinidad and Tobago and to struggle for and preserve their fundamental freedoms and human rights;

    Unlike the others, we don’t rely on big private party financiers to fund us. Instead we rely on people you! Support us from about $TT 35 Donate →