• We must redefine the role of the teacher.

    Success in our school system requires the students to focus on their teacher. The teacher becomes the fountain of wisdom who feeds the truth to his students who in turn feeds this (¨the correct answers¨) back to the teacher. The more ¨correct answers¨ the student regurgitates through rote learning, the brighter he/she is considered to be, and the greater the reward from the teacher and the parents as the establishment prepares the student to succeed outside of the school environment.

    The teacher today must see their role in the education process very differently. In the digital age anyone can easily access information, and the model of the teacher as the ¨fountain of knowledge¨ becomes obsolete. The teacher becomes merely a facilitator in this process moving students critically towards national, regional and global awareness, while creating opportunities for those students to speak and be heard in their communities, and to create, organise and assess what they have gathered from both their classroom and their community.

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