• MSJ Education Policy Overview

    ¨Wisdom is not learning all we can, but having the humility to realise that we don´t know it all.¨ - Stephen Covey

    • The education system must develop critical thinkers and innovators who are capable of solving our social, cultural and economic problems, while contributing to a continuation of the system which has produced them.
    • Sports, culture and the arts must enjoy the same respect and support as that given to the academic curriculum
    • The education system must prepare individuals through a learning process that will lead them to a diet of creative and critical thinking, collaborative decision making, problem solution and action, ready to take on the uncertainties of a future unknown to all. 
    • There needs to be an overhaul of the curriculum at every level of the education system
    • Student development centres/homework centres should be set up in every community for the purpose of assisting those students who may require additional instruction to comprehend the syllabus and who may need other forms of assistance to achieve their goals.
    • There must be intense and consistent professional training, retraining and development for all of our teachers, inclusive of those who lecture at the tertiary level institutions.
    • The SEA examinations should be abolished and a more appropriate and less stressful method of assessment should be established for moving students from one level to the other. 

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